In order to reach the fabulous beach that is Playa Escondida, you will need to either hire a boat taxi from Herradura Beach or get a special pass which will give you access to the private residencies which leads to it. It is an awe-inspiring location and there is a world class wave here for surfing. It can be quite dangerous at Playa Escondida due to the jagged rocks which can be seen during low tides so it the waves here are best suited to experience surfers.

The surf type here is a reef-coral with right and left peaks and this provides rapid, powerful hollow rides. Swell direction comes from the south west and the wind direction varies between south east, east and north east.

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Playa Escondida Costa Rica

The wave rides are usually between 50 and 100 meters in length and the heights can sometimes reach over ten feet with a radical powerful drop and then an open face to hit the lip. For optimum surfing conditions a mid tide is best. The need to take a boat taxi out to the beach doesn’t deter avid surfers and it can get quite busy at the weekends but with dangerous rips and undertows this is one surfing location which is best left to the ultra experienced.