This beautiful beach of Pavones, is situated approximately 15 kilometers south of Playa Zancudo in the deep south of Costa Rica.  It is a haven for surfers as it offers the longes left handed wave of the country and the third longest of the world.  Not only is the surfing here great but there are plenty of activities for the non-surfer too including horseback riding, kite surfing and sport fishing.  The mile long beach is perfect for strolling along or to just sit back and enjoy the sun.  The scenery here is breathtaking and it is a perfect place for a vacation. Pavones or “Turkey town” is small fishing village with little to none commerce, there are a few restaurants and accommodation and the people who visit this place are basically surfers.

Surfing Level Intermediate-Advanced
Waves Direction Left
Surf Break Type Point Break

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Pavones Surf

For those surfers wanting to catch some world class action, then Pavones is a perfect destination. The best waves here are during April to October which is the rainy season but it is then that they hold their shapes with amazing point breaks which peak on the left.  On a good day if the conditions are right and the sections connect, you can surf a wave that can reach up to 1500 meters. On a regular day you can expect waves up to 400 meters.

With a southerly swell which is, surfed on all tides but best at dawn and sunset. The bottom is covered by river stones, so getting in and out can get a little painful, but once in the lineup, your feet will be happy again. Pavones really has a lot to offer the dedicated surfer.  Waves can reach over fifteen feet in height providing excellent quality surfing.  Pavones is easy to find and hard to get to, as it is on the extreme south of Costa Rica with bad roads. But once you get down there, you will find paradise.

Pavones Surfing Video

Pavones Surfing Forecast