Playa Nosara is a little known but stunning beach which is located on the Nicoya Peninsula. Along with other beaches such as Playa Ostional, Playa Guiones and Playa Pedala, part of Playa Nosara makes up the Ostional Wildlife Refuge where the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles arrive to lay their eggs. Access to Playa Nosara is through the rough roads to Samara and for this reason it is best to hire a 4×4 or car to get there.

There is virtually no access to the beach from the village as it is almost three miles away and is only accessed by rough dirt roads which may not be suitable by foot. With lush backings of flowers and other plant life, the beautiful black sand beach is a picturesque location. With superb sunsets to be viewed this location is a must for tourists. There is a tropical forest situated nearby which provides a fabulous location for those wanting an ecological vacation.

Nosara Costa Rica | Nosara Surf
Nosara Costa Rica | Nosara Surf

For those wanting a holiday to remember there are plenty of local cultures to observe. There are local fishermen who use ancient practices for fishing and you can hire a canoe or kayak to go exploring the locality. You can snorkel or swim in Playa Nosara or even take a horseback ride into the mountains.

If you want to visit Playa Nosara then the best time to do so would be from November to April as this is the dry season. During this time you will probably see many surfers who will be taking advantage of the surf conditions.

For surfers, Playa Nosara offers a regional classic surf. With consistent surfing conditions for up to 150 days per year it is a great location. The waves here are fast and fun and provide adequate surfing for surfers of all experiences. With wave lengths of up to 300 meters some days this is definitely a must for any surfing enthusiast.

Swell direction varies from the north-west, south west and south direction and the winds are usually easterly or north easterly. The surfing conditions are suitable in any tides and the waves can reach a height of over 12 feet making this a popular location with surfers and it is no wonder that it can become quite a crowded spot despite the difficult access.

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