Marbella • Playa Coco

Marbella, Located to the South of Junquillal (21 km of partly paved road) and the North of Ostional (15 km of unpaved road), the village of Marbella boasts two nearly untouched beaches: Playa Frijolar and Playa del Coco. The wildlife in Marbella is just breathtaking: howler monkeys, dears and parrots still seem to be the real owners of the place. The population of Marbella is mainly Costa-Rican (about 200) with a few foreigners living there all year long.

Marbella, which was once a quiet fishing village, is now more recognized as one of Costa Rica’s more popular locations for surfers.  It is also becoming more and more popular with tourists who are flocking to the beautiful town that Marbella has become.

Surfing Level Advanced
Waves Direction Peak
Surf Break Type Beach Break

Surfing in Marbella:

Marbella is a good, consistent beach break with left and right peaks that generally doesn’t hold swell bigger than 6 feet. When the conditions (swell and wind) are perfect, waves in Marbella are just tubes and more tubes.

Playa Marbella is a stunning beach with clear blue waters and dazzling white sands and is only a stone’s throw from the quaint town.  For surfers, this is an ideal location due to the world class consistent breaks from the offshore winds.  Marbella is not only a popular surfing location with locals but is fast becoming a popular destination for foreign surfers wishing to try out the world class breaks.

Marbella Costa Rica | Marbella Surf
Marbella Costa Rica | Marbella Surf

The surfing conditions here are for experienced surfers only as the waves can get very rough so would not be suitable for the novice.  Waves are extremely fast and powerful coming from the right and left, and are usually under 50 meters in length.  On a good day however, you may experience wave lengths of up to 150 meters.  The best time to surf is during mid and high tides.

Playa Marbella is not very suitable for swimming or sport activities due to the choppy waters and the rocky bed but for chilling out on the pristine white sands, Playa Marbella is a must.