Junquillal Costa Rica | Junquillal Surf

Junquillal in Costa Rica is situated between Playa Tamarindo and Nosara and can be reached from either Santa Cruz or Villareal. The beach measures three kilometers in length and offers a peaceful and relaxed setting with its grassland backing and tranquil feel. Junquillal is not overpopulated and there are only a handful of restaurants and hotels here. With superb sunsets and the tranquility on offer, Junquillal has become one of the most popular destinations for couples who want to escape from their busy lives.

Surfing Level Intermediate-Advanced
Waves Direction Peak
Surf Break Type Beach Break

Due to the rough nature of the sea here it is not the best place for swimming but the sea off the Junquillal beach offers classic surf quality to the experience surfer and with the best conditions in the dry months of December to April, you can expect to have consistent surfing conditions for 150 days per year.

Junquillal Costa Rica | Junquillal Surf
Junquillal Costa Rica | Junquillal Surf

With a beach break and waves coming from the right and left, the waves give a hollow, powerful fast surf that breaks very close to shore in shallow water and sandy bottom. The normal length of waves is 50 to 150 meters but if you are lucky you could find yourself cruising a wave with a length of up to 300 meters on a good day. The swell comes in from the South West and the wind direction is from the North West. The surfing conditions are great in any tides and you could find waves reaching heights of over eight feet.

Junquillal Costa Rica | Junquillal Surf
Junquillal Costa Rica | Junquillal Surf

Despite being quite easy to find, Junquillal is usually not very crowded with surfers due to the fact that it will only suit those with experience as there is the danger of rips and undertows. However, if you are looking for some adventure, there are plenty of other activities on offer such as deep sea fishing, horseback riding and snorkeling.

To have a good swim, we must walk towards the South, where, under the cliffs, natural pools (at low tide) allow us to refresh ourselves and do some snorkeling. Also we can go towards the North, until we get to playa blanca (fine sand beach that also boasts natural swimming pools) and a little further to Callejones beach (good place for swimming and sport fishing). If you want some waves to surf, Junquillal is a good place where you will virtually surf with only a handful of locals.

Junquillal is a place of nesting of 4 different turtle species. If you come between July and February, you surely won’t miss the nestling turtles. If you like turtles, go to Ostional (35 minutes south, driving) which, without a doubt, is one of the best places in the world to see this type of natural spectacles.

In “Pura Aventura”, only 10 minutes away you can enjoy ATV tours or ride horses, they will take you to a beautiful waterfall too. Another option is to go for a walk through the jungle of Guanacaste; or to get closer to the trees tops with a canopy walk.

Very close (20 minutes North), in Hacienda Pinilla, lies an 18-hole golf course, surely one of the best and most beautiful in the country.

You will find hotels and restaurants of good quality in Junquillal. If you want to go out at night, it will be in some neighbouring town such as Paraiso, Playa Negra or Rio Seco.