On the central coast of Costa Rica, south of Puntarenas, lies Jaco Beach which is a haven for those who want to experience some fun.  Here you will find hordes of surfers looking to ride the waves and have some chilled out fun.  Providing world class waves and being less than one and a half hours from San Jose, means that Jaco beach has become a hugely popular destination for both local and foreign surfers who are hoping to have the ride of their lives.

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With the arrival of so many surfers, Jaco beach soon became more than just a quaint sleepy little beach town and there was soon the call for some form of nightlife.  It wasn’t long before Jaco Beach became one of the top destinations for those wanting superb waves and a wild party scene to go with it.

Although one of the top surfing destinations in Costa Rica, Jaco is not as pretty a beach as some of the others in the country.  The waters here are dangerous for swimming in as there are unsafe riptides present.  This is definitely a beach for surfing alone.

With waves suitable for surfers of any caliber, Jaco’s waters offers a beach break which peaks at right and left.  Wave lengths are quite short on average lasting less than 50 meters but on rare occasions they have stretched from 150 to 300 meters.

Jaco Costa Rica Surfing


Jaco Costa Rica Surfing

The direction of the swell is north westerly to south westerly and waves can reach heights of over ten feet.  For the optimum surfing conditions it is best to wait for a mid to high tide.

Jaco Beach can be easily reached by bus and it will take approximately two hours.  There are plenty of places to stay in the town and you will be sure to have a wild time here.  If you want to avoid the crowds it is best to visit during the week.

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Jaco Surf

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