Isla Uvita is a small island off Costa Rica, is on this Island that Christopher Columbus reached for the first time our little country on his forth voyage around August 1502. Access to Isla Uvita is only by boat on a 20 minute ride from Limon but it is here that experienced surfers come to catch the super breaks.  There is a live coral reef break here which peak on the left and the rides are hallow, heavy and fast.  The breaks here are better and bigger than on the mainland and it is for this reason that many people come here to surf. This spot is only for experienced surfer, no beginners or intermediates, please.

The swell here comes from the south east; east and north east directions and waves are between 50 and 150 meters in length. Surfing here is suitable on all tides and the waves can reach heights of up to ten feet and over. There are no accommodation here, so it`s a session not a destination.  You will find it busier here during the weekends but it is best left to more experienced surfers as there are sharp rocks here which could be dangerous for the inexperienced surfer.

Isla Uvita

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