Located to the North of Jaco in Bahia de Coronado, there is a beautiful black sandy beach with aqua marine clear waters surrounded by palm trees.  This beach is called Playa Herradura and it is becoming a popular tourist spot for those looking to relax and enjoy their surroundings while getting away from it all.  While much more popular than it has been in recent years, Playa Herradura is still less busy than Jaco and provides a tranquil stress-free location.

Isla Herradura used to be virtually unknown and is enclosed by more than 60 different types of tree in a virgin rain forest.  The area is well known for its abundance of birds, reptiles and marine life which makes it a popular destination for snorkelers and biologists alike.

Isla Herradura is also a popular surfing destination with its regional classic waves which are perfect for experienced surfers. There is a reef-rocky break which peaks on the left and with sharp rocks along the seabed this is definitely one surfing destination which should be left to the more experienced.  Surfers, will love the long fun waves which average 150 meters in length but which can sometimes be as long as 200 meters.

Isla Herradura Costa Rica | Isla Herradura Surf
Isla Herradura Costa Rica | Isla Herradura Surf

There is a west to south westerly swell here and the wind direction varies between south easterly, easterly and north easterly.  Waves can sometimes reach over 12 feet high and surfing conditions are best on a low to mid tide.

The Isla Herradura can be quite hard to reach and the best access is by boat unless you don’t mind a tough 40 minute walk. As such, you should not find this area particularly busy either during the week or on weekends.