One of the most popular tourist destinations in Costa Rica, the North Pacific Coast is where you can expect to find superb beaches, constant sunshine and amazing surfing conditions. The Guanacaste province takes up the entire North Pacific coast and the climate here is unique to the rest of the Costa Rican provinces in that there is very little rain and constant heat during the months of November to April. Tourists wishing to escape the winters in their own country usually flock to this part of Costa Rica to chill out and enjoy the fabulous beaches. During the months of May to October, the climate changes slightly and you will see daily showers but warm temperatures.

The North Pacific of Costa Rica is the most easily accessible area to drive to and for tourists there is plenty of marine life to see especially in areas such as Playas del Coco, Isla Santa Catalina and Playa Ocotal. The Guanacaste province is the least inhabited out of all the provinces in Costa Rica but with more and more tourists coming here, it is not surprising that little villages seem to be appearing to accommodate the many people who decide to uproot and move to this beautiful paradise. Beaches in the North Pacific coast are absolutely stunning and are some of the most amazing in the whole of Costa Rica. There are plenty of immaculate sandy beaches here which are both relaxing and picturesque and for this reason, you will find that many deluxe resorts are being built here. The Tamarindo area is fast becoming one of the most luxurious areas in the country with the most expensive hotel based here. It is becoming a hot spot for the wealthy who wants to relax in comfort and style in the midst of the beautiful surroundings.

Not only are the beaches here perfect for relaxing and catching the sun but there are plenty of other activities which can be indulged in. Surfing here is extremely popular and you can expect to see surfers on almost any beach in the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica. In fact, Tamarindo is considered to be the surfing capital of the North Pacific. There are many various breaks here and with an array of sizes and types of surf, there is sure to be a perfect place for every surfer. Surfers the world over flock to Costa Rica to catch the waves and no visit to Costa Rica would be complete for the surfer without a trip to the North Pacific Coast.

Scuba Diving is another activity which is fast gaining popularity here. There are plenty of fish of all sizes to see here but some of the areas have strong currents and reduced visibility so scuba diving should not be your sole reason for visiting Costa Rica. If you like golfing, then you may want to visit two of the best golf courses in the whole of Costa Rica. Hacienda Pinilla and Playa Conchal are superb courses with amazing views and are perfect for the avid golfer.

Another focal point for visiting tourists to the North Pacific of Costa Rica are the many beaches which are home to turtles wanting to lay eggs. Here you can see the Leatherback turtles and the Olive Ridleys coming to lay their eggs on the beaches at night. It is an amazing sight that everyone should really try to see when visiting this area. You will find the turtles here on the beaches of the Marino Las Baulas National Park and on other nearby beaches. Beaches where turtles come to lay their eggs are usually off limits at night for this reason but there are plenty of tour guides who will take you to the perfect vantage point to get the ideal view.

There are plenty of chances to try out your skills at horseback riding on the fabulous beaches or in the dry tropical forests. If you plan to do this, it is a good idea to earlier in the morning as it can get quite hot during the day. You can also participate in some excellent fishing here on the North Pacific Coast. You will find plenty of companies with boats who will take you to the best fishing locations.

The North Pacific Coast of Cost Rica is one of the most stunning locations in the world. With the fabulous long, white, sandy beaches and plenty of activities it is no wonder that more and more people are coming here to escape the cold winters and to chill out in the sun.

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