On the Atlantic Coast of Costa Rica, you will find magnificent beaches and immaculate rain forests where you will find amazing wildlife creatures. The beaches here are home to plenty of endangered sea turtles wishing to lay their eggs. The Tortuguero National Park which is known as Costa Rica’s Amazon has beaches which are homes to the Green Turtles during the months of July to October. This national park also has many rivers, canals and lakes full of marine biology and which are surrounded by lush tropical rain forest.

The coast here is much hotter and flatter than the rest of Costa Rica’s coastline. It has a definite Caribbean culture here but is very isolated. The Barra Del Colorado which is near to the Nicaraguan border is home to some excellent Tarpon and Snook fishing. It is considered to be one of the best places in the world for this type of fishing but fishing trips here can be quite expensive. But for avid fishermen, this is an experience not to be missed.

Nature lovers can enjoy trips down the Tortuguero Canal where they can see some amazing wildlife and plant life. Guided trips are available and there are plenty of lodges available as accommodation along the canal. You can also take advantage of the turtle nesting season and take a trip to see them at night. It is best to take a guided tour in order to prevent disturbing the turtles.

While not as popular a location for tourists as some of the other areas in Costa Rica, the Atlantic coast offers fabulous surroundings with plenty of breathtaking scenery and an abundance of wildlife species to see.

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