Camaronal is situated along the Nicoya Peninsula in Guanacaste and is a stunning beach cove. There is no town near the beach, the way to get there is driving from Samara and Carillo or Punta Islita and Coyote. With a tropical pristine setting, the Camaronal Cove is an ideal place to chill out and spend some down time (remember to bring an umbrella as there are no shadows along the beach), while trying to get away from the endeavors of everyday life. Camaronal is protected by the government and there are no constructions down the beach, which makes it magical and the only visitors are surfers and turtles.

Surfing Level Intermediate-Advanced
Waves Direction Peak
Surf Break Type Beach Break

Surfers often visit the cove at Camaronal for the world class surfing conditions. The consistent beach breaks provide an amazing place for surfing and there are frequent visits here by avid surfers. Right and left waves provide fast, powerful, hollow rides with lengths of up to 300 meters. These spot can get up to 20 feet and never close out.

To get to Camaronal the best way is through Samara (30 minute drive). In the rainy season, when the river is very high, one should drive upstream to be able to cross it, which would take more time.

This beach is called “Refugio de Vida Silvestre Camaronal” (Camaronal Wildlife Refuge)l: it has an area of 220 hectares of land and 16000 of ocean. Its importance lies in the conservation of 4 species of turtle: leatherback, hawksbill, olive Ridley and black.

On this beach, where the river Ora flows, you can perform activities such as swimming, kayaking, discovering its mangrove swamp with its impressive fauna and flora, or fishing (sea bream and sea bass).

The park has an area of camping, both for people who want to spend the night watching nestling or just born baby turtles and for surfers who want to get up early and get some good waves.

The swell comes from a South Westerly or Southerly direction and it is suitable to surf on any tide but always early in the morning as the strong riptides show up when the on shore winds get there around mid day . The best time to visit Camaronal is during the dry season which is from December to April. If you want to get here during the rainy season you will have to wait for a low tide or stay in Playa Coyote or Bejuco!

Surfer at Camaronal Costa Rica
Surfer at Camaronal Costa Rica