If you are looking for an absolutely stunning beach location in Costa Rica then look no further than Avellanas.  With a vast area of pure untouched beach with shrubs, trees and marsh lands providing shade, it is one of the most amazing beach locations in the country.

Surfing Level Beginner-Intermediate
Waves Direction Peak
Surf Break Type Beach Break

Set in an unspoiled location, there are only a handful of hotels and cabinas to accommodate the many surfers who visit the beach to catch the waves.  This is the perfect location for a laid back relaxing stay.

The beach stretches for miles with some rocky patches and some parts with pure white sands offering a picturesque setting for the surfing activity which occurs on a daily basis.  The wave quality here is good and has a beach break which is suitable for surfers with varying degrees of experience.  Waves come in from the right and left and are normally less than 50 meters in length providing a quick yet fun ride.  With the swell direction coming from the South to North direction and a South East to Easterly wind, you can expect waves to reach over eight feet.

Avellanas Costa Rica | Avellanas Surf
Avellanas Costa Rica | Avellanas Surf

With some of the most beautiful beaches and good quality surfing conditions, it is no wonder that the Avellanas can become quite crowed especially at weekends.  During December to April there are constant blue skies and offshore winds which lends to quality surfing.

Most of the breaks in Avellanas are more suitable for experienced surfers although El Parqueo is a beach break with lengthy even waves and this is suitable for less experiences surfers.  It is best to surf in this spot during the dry season from December to April and during the mid-tide.

One of the best surf spots here is El Estero de Avellanas which is in front of the river mouth, due to the fact that perfect A-frames are formed here as a result of the right and left surf.  For the best surfing conditions here, you should wait for a low incoming tide.

For the expert surfer, there is a spot known as Little Hawaii which is the most northern surf spot in Avellanas.  The waves can sometimes reach as high as 18 feet over rocks which could be quite dangerous.  For the best surfing here it is advisable to wait for a low to medium tide.

Access to Avellanas is only with your own form of transport – there is no public transport here.  During the rainy season, rivers can swell and make access more difficult requiring the need for a 4×4.  The most avid surfer will still find a way to get here as surfing quality is very good during the rainy season and crowds are at a minimum.

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